The pull to the dark side
The pull to the dark side

The pull to the dark side

[A descriptive review to the Tales of the Jedi - Episode 2 and 4]

[Spoiler alert - Do not proceed if you wish not to be spoiled]

Have you ever tasted the feeling of fighting for the sake of good? No matter how absurd the challenges you’ve faced, you always find a way to fill your passion and your urge. Harnessing all the skills and power to overcome the obstacles by charging forward.

As you endeavour your journey alone, you’ll meet or have people who shared the same passion, fighting by your side, reminding you that there are always better ways to win those gruesome battles. At times they will be your odds, but they’ll be there to remind you that they care about you deeply and as you do for them.

Darkness is cunning. Temptation is cruel. They’ll learn the bonds you formed and they will heartlessly take away someone you care the most. When there are no boundaries, no compassion, and no hope. Dwelling in the darkness alone, tasting its power that feeds your passion, enhances your rage, then you’ll abandon all sanity to gain victory at all cost.

When you’re so focused on the goals and keep fighting, thinking you could create a utopia, so that no one could ever taste bitterness ever again. Unfortunately, the world in its grand design is random, chaotic and unpredictable. When you’re alone, you’ll eventually realise morality is an obstacle, weak, and a fool’s path.

To bring order and peace to the galaxy. To rule with no more pain and suffering. Sacrifice is a necessity.

That was why Tales of the Jedi was phenomenal. From episode 2 to episode 4, LucasFilm Animation granted us the journey of Dooku’s torment.


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