The Office Season 3 Episode 3 Review

The Office Season 3 Episode 3 Review

The coup

Dwight's personality.

Dwight is a very effective employee. He has the highest sales, but his co workers did not like him at all, nor did they have any confident that he could be in any of the leadership position. Well, if I compared Dwight to myself, I am much like him, I value effectiveness but I do not have the others people's favor at all.

And this episode was also very true to Michael's personality as well because Michael may not have the leadership quality but he is easier to be managed by the people over and his management like the headquarters from New York and particularly Jan his other manager from corporate can use him in both personal and corporate uses if you just dwelt in the entire season. And Michael loves to be adored and ultimately please others in his office, much like a lot of leaders that we have.

To me when I watch Michael, perhaps a lot of corporate a lot of management like to have people like him, like Michael have both efficiency and positivity in the workplace. You know, they don't really need someone to be successful all the time. It's nice to have someone to just balance both.

The episode had a funny way to show the dynamics of their of the co workers relationship. And at the same time, I learned that we can be hardworking, that doesn't necessarily means other view that we should have the job to handle the manager or position or should take over most of the time.