#11 That one unfortunate Sunday

I left the church for about 5 – 6 years, it’s not accurate, because I don’t really want to remember when I really stop going. I have waited so long to tell my story and figured that I must let it out or else my heart and mind would not lay to rest. There will… Continue Reading →

#10 IGCSE ICT Paper 1 Exam Questions Road Map

While preparing my Year 10s today in revising for their Paper 1 theory, I just thought of creating a roadmap to visually see how IGCSE structures their questions. Each Questions are linked to the chapters published in the textbook and where to read and digest the theory and apply them into the exam papers. This… Continue Reading →

#9 McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y on a MindMap

I was doing my Master’s Assignment today and my reading topic was about McGregor’s Theory X and Y on leadership. Mind mapping is my way organising information into different levels and so I can digest my readings in keywords and then when I write my essays I just combine those keywords. So if you are… Continue Reading →

#8 Night in Paradise Short Review

Morbid and gruesome, perfect in representing the dogmatic negativity of the crime world. It is just a simple betrayal and revenge plot but leaving you to wait for it with a weird romantic connection that felt too long and unnecessary. My Rating: Google Review 3/5 Recommendation Rating: 6/10

#7 That wisdom in a conversation

Met someone, and she asked whether I understood how to develop adult learning content as a learning/instructional designer. She gave me several products that could create online learning contents. She emphasised I must know how to develop interactive contents for adult learning. I spent 30 minutes explaining what I have created for adult self-learning content… Continue Reading →

#6 When asking your child what they have learnt

I don’t have a son or a daughter of my own. Still, I have met parents on my teacher meetings or occasional calls. They are surprised to found out that their kids did not actually revise the recommended curriculum for their tests and exams. Before you readers start to rage or make a judgement against… Continue Reading →

#5 That lecturer…

I just remembered a lecturer I had that given me a poor score just because I did my research by citing both US and UK sources. I remembered clearly that there were no rules or indications that I have to follow a strict country based research required by the university. I know the lecturer can… Continue Reading →

#3 Steam Controller Startup modes

I own a Steam Controller and often I forgot the startup modes embedded. Putting in my website for my easy reference and of course any future people who needs it.


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