#1: Am I ahead of the curve?

I was reading Learning Speed: What Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, And Bill Gates Know That Most People Don’t (article here) and got myself wondering am I ahead of the curve? Thinking in my own career, personal finances and creativity, at some point I am ahead of many people around my age at least.

Apart from not being able to feel intellectually satisfied from my peers, that’s certainly not enough.

I have several mental models that I have adopted from reading and some techniques taught by my previous bosses. As of now, I have only applied them in my career as an educator. Wondering when I could be innovative and being exceptionally talented, that I could be one of those pioneers of educational leadership.

Maybe I won’t be an educator some day, but I cannot deny the excitement in me to give my input of how a certain task or the school’s day to day routine could be improved or executed.

Of course, the core goal of those inputs, I am morally incline to ensure that those will help both students and teachers to be excited in the field of teaching and learning, taking care of their welfare and improving their mindset.

Maybe the secret to innovate education is not primarily the taught curriculum or the philosophical systems that all schools in the world is struggling to define.

Rather, if the world focus and study a way to equip teachers with up-to-date teaching practices of the current world, improving not just our pedagogical approaches, solving the ever stupid problem of resources, so that they can be the super teacher that they dream to be.

Right now, most of us can only depend on luck or faith, to be part of group of a dream team in this field.

Maybe this is naïve thinking, but I do know I have much to learn and I hope I am still not too late to do so.

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